Unthinking Photography x Apian – a discussion with Jennifer Gabrys

Thanks to unthinking.photography, Apian recently had the chance to interview Jennifer Gabrys from the University of Cambridge. A strand of The Photographers’ Gallery, unthinking.photography is an online resource that explores photography’s increasingly automated, networked life. Gabrys’s work has had a large influenced on Apian’s work, and especially our recent research about the digitisation of beekeeping with projects such as The Intimacy Machine.

Throughout the interview, we tackle various questions about sensing technology and the challenges of evidence-making in environmental research as well as different ways of perceiving the world of sensation.


“Τhe image, therefore, still plays a very particular role in synthesising and joining up the different sensor datasets to be able to better understand ecological worlds as they’re changing in relation to climate change. In that sense, photography is not a human-centric technology, although the human is not out of the loop.” (Gabrys 2023)

The full discussion is available on unthinking.photography’s web platform: https://unthinking.photography/​articles/​a-coversation-with-jennifer-gabrys

A special thanks to Jennifer Gabrys, and Ioanna Zouli.

Many thanks as well to Jon Uriarte, Arieh Frosh and Sam Mercer.