Hives is back in stock!

Earlier this month we printed the second edition of Hives, 2400 B.C.E. – 1852 C.E.! Thanks to RVB Books who still believe in this little yellow book, it is back in stock. Ellen Lapper and Aladin Borioli updated the introduction. It’s now a bit longer and quite a lot has changed at the end. The type of paper changed and the binding was enhanced but otherwise it is the same book!


Note annexe

[ID: Picture of many copies of Hives’ second edition freshly out of the book. Four books are shown entirely the other ones are cropped. The cover is bright yellow with three weird black and white beehives on top and at the bottom of the cover there is a sticker with the title in French and English: A Visual History of the Beehive.]

In 1852, the modern beehive was patented. Its subsequent success largely eliminated diversity in beehive design and led to the obsolescence of a varied history of alternative beekeeping techniques. Through an array of archival images, this book uncovers that forgotten history, offering a renewed perspective which challenges conventional historical linear narratives and creates a common ground for future beehive research.

The book is in two languages: French and English.

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Text: Apian (Ellen Lapper and Aladin Borioli)
Graphic design: Nicolas Polli
Translation: Gauthier Lesturgie, Ellen Lapper and Aladin Borioli
Publisher: RVB Books