Apian on BBC Radio 3, 10th of November 22:45 (GMT)

On the 10th at 22:45 (GMT), BBC Radio 3 will broadcast a short experimental radio piece recently made by Apian. The piece was made in collaboration with Laurent Güdel, Robert Torche and Ellen Lapper. It was commissioned by the BBC and the ICA and produced by NTS.

Acting as a lullaby, this 14-minute piece mixes together a narrative, spoken by Randolf Menzel, and music. Just before going to sleep, listeners will experience Randolf Menzel’s dream and question if bees dream as well.

Dr. Randolf Menzel is a German neurobiologist who dedicated his life to the world of bees. At the beginning of his career, he was dreaming of becoming a bee. At nights, and sometimes during the day, he was transforming into his subject of research. These experiences helped him to build a better understanding of what it is like to be a bee, and gave him leads to his scientific inquiries. In return, his discoveries in the lab were enhancing his dreams. Dream worlds are a central part of human life. Neuroscience has shown that they are an important activity for human brain and its evolution, and not mere epiphenomena. Within these dream lands, time is telescoped, it is distorted; offering a space to try specific hypotheses.


Note annexe

Portrait of Dr. Randolf Menzel at his outdoor lab in Germany. [ID: Dr. Menzel is standing in front of the camera, looking outside of the frame. Deep into his thoughts, he his standing in front of a small wooden cabin. The picture is all in green and brown tones.]

You can find more info about the piece and listening to it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/​programmes/​m0011cmd

A special thanks to Dr. Randolf Menzel.

Producer: NTS, Josh Farmer.

Thanks also to Mechtild Menzel, Josh Farmer, Nikta Mohammadi, Bea Redweik, Lizzy King, Stephen James-Yeman, Matthew Dod, and Tera Pechmannova.