IMPACT20 – Planetary Alliances

On Sunday the 15th of November 2020 Apian will present part of our research at the online symposium Impact 20 – Planetary Alliances. The event will be moderated by Lars Blank, Rosi Braidotti & Johannes Paul Raether.


Side Note

Protektorama toxica (cared for by J.P. Raether), Protektox Impossible Forest [5.4.9], Tanznacht Berlin (2020), Photo ©: Gosia Lehmann

For years, experts from all fields of knowledge have been occupied with the complex interconnections and vital dependencies between the human and the non-human. Under the title Planetary Alliances, IMPACT20 invites you to a polylogue on relationship networks in which humans are just one actor among many.

As a scientific and artistic think-tank, IMPACT20 criss-crosses perspectives from biotechnology, natural science, philosophy and contemporary art: Lars Blank, Rosi Braidotti and Johannes Paul Raether reflect on the relativities, metabolisms and relationships between the elements and protagonists of our world and how these impact on ecological, social, economic and technological developments in a community. How can new alliances that no longer place humankind at the centre of perception, shape and define new models of societies?

The symposium, which is taking place online for the first time this year, is made up of two modules: The lectures and talks by and with Lars Blank, Rosi Braidotti and Johannes Paul Raether and the Assembly, during which participants discuss their own projects. This year’s edition of IMPACT will be followed by the JUNCTIONS initiative, which is aimed specifically at IMPACT participants and will support longer-term research projects.

Fore more info visit this website:​en/​impact20