Animaloids and Plantoids, and Bees! at JCU Posthuman Studies Workshop

On Saturday the 6th of November, Apian will do a short presentation during a workshop called Animaloids and Plantoids for the 70th Anniversary of Transhumanism organised by the Posthuman Studies Workshop at John Cabot University in Rome. The talk will be about different philosophical questions – concerning philosophy of technology and multispecies encounters – raised The Intimacy Machine – Apian’s ongoing digital archive. The talk will be followed by a discussion on the increasing popularity that the attempt to explore non-human worlds have gained recently. Simultaneously, we will elaborate on the role of technology and technics for these attempts and the role it will and should play in it for our future encounters with non-humans.


Side Note

[ID: poster of the upcoming conference about Animaloids and Plantoids workshops by John Cabot University in Rome and its department of Posthuman Studies. The poster has a dark blue background. At the top, there is the logo of the University and as a subtitle it’s written: 6th JCU Posthuman Studies Workshop Presents. Most of the text is in white which contrast with the dark background, except for some highlighted speakers that are in red, like the organisers and some key figures. The rest of the info are below on this page.]

We are really happy to take part in this workshop among other scholars and artists such as Eduardo Kac who will do a keynote about Bio Art and Brunella Antomarini who will lead the workshop – thanks to Prof. Brunella Antomarini for the invitation. No need to register, you can follow the talk live via the Posthuman studies workshop’s YouTube channel, here:​channel/​UCjxNQuZN74m2QnkdZMPvgUA/​featured

For more info about the workshop please follow this link:​blog/​2021/​03/​01/​animaloids-and-plantoids/?ckattempt=2