Apian in Paris

For the next six months, Apian will be based in Paris. Thanks to the canton of Neuchâtel Apian’s office will be located at La Cité Internationale des arts until the end of June. There we will continue to develop our DIY research project about bees while focusing on few specific topics such as sound and the importance of technology in our relations with bees. Amongst other things Apian will present The Intimacy Machine’s project develop through an Eyebeam Rapid Reponse fellowship in February (online and more to come soon). Two workshops will be given at the school of agriculture in Neuboug area. And more to be announced. One of the main focus of the residency will be about the importance of sound in beekeeping practices and what sound and vibration mean for bees. If you are around do not hesitate to say hi.


Side Note

La cité internationale des arts’ logo. [ID: A red dot with a spiralling white text in capitals in the centre saying: Cité internationale des arts.]

Since 1965, la Cité internationale des arts welcomes artists from all over the world. The residency has two main locations one near the Marais and the other one in Montmartre, Apian will be based in the Marais.

More info about it here: https://www.citedesartsparis.net/​en/