A web platform dedicated to Apian

Welcome to Apian’s first online presence! This website has been developed by Harry Bloch and Joris Landman (www.harrisblondman.nl). Apian is DIY humanities research project which investigates the age-old interspecies relationship between bees and humans – for more about this project see the About section. This brand new platform has been created to showcase Apian’s previous projects, as well as ongoing developments. However, the platform also functions as an online curatorial space where Apian can be exposed in a different light; thus, the site has been designed in collaboration with Harry and Joris to push the boundaries of an online portfolio and unfold as a project in itself. Acting as the main home for this project, the website lies between a documentation and an actant part of Apian.

The platform is divided into two separate sections. The first section, Apian, takes the form of a blog where upcoming events or developments in Apian’s research are showcased. The second, under the Projects section, showcases previous or ongoing projects of Apian in depth.